Global Finance

global finance

The Finance career leverages financial analysis as the basis for managerial decision-making in order to maximize a firm’s value, relative to the risk-return relationship and to investment management.

Students in this area will develop the ability to comprehend and conduct competitive financial strategies and techniques and have the opportunity to expand skills and knowledge that will be extremely valuable in their professional careers. Students will develop analytical reasoning and a broad awareness of the world around us. 

A minor field may be added to the Finance major. A minor is a field of interest that may or may not be related to your chosen major track. By pursuing one of our diverse minors, you will add value to your degree and will be able to better compete in the job market.


Study Plan                                               Course Description



Common Core

Academic Writing 4      
Elective in History 6
Elective in English 4   Elective in Natural Sciences 6
Elective in Mathematics 8   Information Literacy (MO, PS) 4
Elective in Social Sciences 6    Philosophy 3
Elective in Social Science (Politics) 3   Leadership 3
Creative Thinking Lab 3                


Adjunct Core

Microeconomics  4                  Financial Accounting
Macroeconomics  4              Managerial Accounting 4
Statistics  4   Business Apps & Software 3
Research Methods  3   Professional Ethics
Quantitative Analysis  3      


Business Core

Management Information Systems
 3   Entrepreneurial Projects   3
Organizational Behavior
 3             Business Law  3
Production and Operations Management
 3   Introduction to Business  4
Strategic Planning
 3   Elective  3
International Business


Major Core

Principles of Finance
 4     Field Work 4
Investment Analysis
 3           Real Estate 3
Portfolio Management
 3              Advanced Financial Analysis 3
Corporate Financial Management
 3   International Finance 3
Insurance and Risk Management
 3   Major Elective 3
Money and Capital Markets