Global Management



The Global Management major is designed around defining, planning, organizing, and directing the operations of a business enterprise anywhere in the world, in order to achieve strategic objectives in the most efficient manner. Students in this area will develop the ability to comprehend and implement up-to-date knowledge and techniques in the area of international business.

The major combines courses with a strong international component and focuses on the development of effective business strategies for entering and competing in international markets and for effective management in diverse cultural and political setting. 


       Study Plan                                      Course Description


Common Core

Academic Writing 4      
Elective in History 6
Elective in English 4   Elective in Natural Sciences 6
Elective in Mathematics 8   Information Literacy (MO, PS) 4
Elective in Social Sciences 6   Philosophy 3
Elective in Social Science (Politics) 3   Leadership 3
Creative Thinking Lab 3      


Adjunct Core

Microeconomics  4      Financial Accounting
Macroeconomics  4   Managerial Accounting 4
Statistics  4               Business Apps & Software 3
Research Methods  3   Professional Ethics
Quantitative Analysis  3      


Business Core

Management Information Systems
3               Principles of Finance 4
Production and Operations Management
3          Principles of Marketing 4
Strategic Planning
3   Introduction to Business 4
International Business
3   Business Law 3
Entrepreneurial Projects


Major Core

Principles of Management
 4    International Business Law 3
Global Economic Geography
 3              International Organizations and Treaties 3
International Management
 3   International Trade & Commerce 3
International Finance
 3   Field Work 4
International Marketing
 3   International Economics 3