Natural Resource Management

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Natural Resource Management focuses on the connection between environmental systems and business. It promotes the sustainable utilization of major natural resources, such as land, water, air, minerals, energy, forests, fisheries, and wild flora and fauna. Together, these resources provide the ecosystem services that underpin human life and are the basis for most Latin American economies. This major is a novel field in the region; Nicaragua is a the best setting to pursue this degree as it offers a unique mix of environments and opportunities.









 Study Plan                                                   Course Description 


Common Core

Academic Writing 4      
Elective in History 6
Elective in English 4   Elective in Natural Sciences 6
Elective in Mathematics 8   Information Literacy (MO, PS) 4
Elective in Social Sciences 6   Philosophy 3
Elective in Social Science (Politics) 3   Leadership 3
Creative Thinking Lab 3      


Adjunct Core

Microeconomics  4      Financial Accounting
Macroeconomics  4         Managerial Accounting 4
Statistics  4   Business Apps & Software 3
Research Methods  3   Professional Ethics
Quantitative Analysis  3      


Business Core

Management Information Systems
 3   Entrepreneurial Projects  3
Organizational Behavior
 3        Principles of Finance  4
Production and Operations Management
 3           Introduction to Business  4
Strategic Planning
 3   Elective  3
International Business


Major Core

Natural Resource Management
 4   Energy and Sustainability  3
Global Economic Geography
 3            Water Management  3 
Earth Science
 3   Field Work  4
Enviromental Science
 3   International Organizations and Treaties
Global Environmental Challenges
 3   Forestry Management  3
Environmental Law
 3       Elective  3