International Development

International Development

The International Development major is designed for students who want to pursue a versatile program of study focusing on the problems of developing countries. There are several concentrations to match diverse interests. If you would like to work in economic development within the public sector or nonprofit organizations, you should concentrate on Public Policy or Education. These areas involve international agencies or institutions, and global and local governments. Environmental Issues, on the other hand, relates to stewardship of the natural environment and how to lead economic development responsibly and sustainably. International Development students must choose a concentration within their plans of study to graduate from this program. 


   Study Plan                         Course Description 




Common Core

Academic Writing 4      
Philosophy 3
Elective in English 4 Elective in Natural Sciences 6
Elective in Mathematics 8 Information Literacy (MO, PS) 4
Elective in Social Sciences 6 Creative Thinking Lab 3
Elective in Social Science (Politics) 3 Leadership 3
Elective in History 6    


Adjunct Core

Microeconomics  4
Macroeconomics  4
Statistics  4
Research Methods  3
Professional Ethics               3
Electives (HIS, HUM, PHL)   12


Major Core

International Economics  3
Contemporary Foreign Policy  3
Introduction to International Development
Approaches to Sustainable Development  3
Culture and Development  3
IT & International Development  3
Development Economics  3
Trade, Environment & Development  3
International Development Seminar  4
Field Work  4
Open Electives (200-300)  9